How does aging affect women?

Aging affects women in many different ways. As women grow older, they often begin to worry about many of the overt signs of aging: wrinkles, an expanding waistline, poor memory, bone and muscular aches and pains. These are just a few of the things that seem to occupy women's thoughts by the time they've reached the age of 40 or 50.

However, what many women don't realize is that there are other changes going on that they can't see, but which may directly impact how long and well they live. Quietly, and insidiously, as the twenties turn into the forties and fifties, profound changes are taking place in the immune system. Women need to be aware of these transformations, since they will ultimately determine how well their bodies will be able to fight off infections, as well as potential cancers and autoimmune diseases.

Over the past several years, scientists have found that the body's ability to fight off viral and bacterial challenges is greater if people take care of their immune system throughout life. This means eating right and exercising. It also means controlling stress in life.

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