How should I choose where to get my mammogram?

When picking a diagnostic center, several factors should be considered: one of the most important is to determine if the facility is accredited by the American College of Radiology for mammography. Centers that provide additional diagnostic tests, such as stereotactic biopsy, should be accredited for those as well. Along with an accredited facility, you should look for a location that will help you get a head start on treatment if you are actually diagnosed with breast cancer.

In addition, when at all possible, the radiologist should have the x-ray films from your previous--or at least most recent--mammograms (not just the written report) for comparison. This helps the doctor find small changes and detect a cancer as early as possible. Because getting the x-ray films from previous mammograms can be a challenge, it is best to find a facility that you are comfortable with and plan to get your regular mammograms there each year. That way, your prior films are easily available.

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