When should someone consider removal of the fallopian tubes?

It’s not practical for every woman to remove her tubes, but if you are not planning a future pregnancy and one of the following circumstances fits you, it’s something to consider:
  • If you are scheduled to have a hysterectomy and are not removing your ovaries, ask your doctor to remove your tubes along with your uterus.
  • If you are having a tubal ligation, ask your doctor to remove the entire tube rather than just destroying a portion of the tube.
  • If you are having pelvic surgery for any reason (ovarian cyst, fibroids, etc.), ask your doctor to remove your tubes even if your husband had a vasectomy and you don’t need the contraception.
  • If you have a BRCA mutation and are at very high risk for ovarian cancer, the recommendation is to remove the ovaries and tubes. If you are not ready to remove your ovaries, or choose not to, consider fallopian tube removal as a “next best” option. This is particularly important since many women with BRCA mutations are reluctant to take hormonal contraception due to their high risk of breast cancer.

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