Can I have a mammogram if I have breast implants?

Stacy Contreras
Body Imaging
You can get a mammogram if you have implants. Watch as Stacy Contreras, director at Good Samaritan Hospital’s Breast Care Center, explains how women with implants get mammograms for accurate results.
Susanne M. Chow, MD
Diagnostic Radiology
Yes, breasts with implants are also examined annually with mammography. The examination varies from the standard mammogram. Since breast implants can hide some of the breast tissue, four views are taken of each breasts (the standard CC and MLO views and two additional views are obtained of each breast with the implant pushed back) in order to visualize the most breast tissue possible.
Joanna N. Tewfik, DO
Diagnostic Radiology
If you have breast implants you can have a mammogram, but you should tell the mammography center about your implants. It is true that implants obscure portions of the mammogram, but the images can still be read accurately. Additional images will be taken in order to view as much tissue as possible.

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