Should I be concerned about the nerves around my wisdom tooth?

The location of the inferior alveolar nerve in the lower jaw is of concern when contemplating the removal of lower wisdom teeth. If it appears that this nerve is very close, or in contact with the tooth roots on x-ray, there could be an increased risk of temporary or permanent jaw numbness if the tooth is removed. I recommend careful evaluation by an oral surgeon to determine the best course of treatment.
Wisdom teeth are often removed in young adulthood as complications with these molars and the surrounding nerves increase as you age. If your wisdom tooth becomes impacted and the sac surrounding the tooth fills with fluid, it could ultimately lead to nerve and bone damage. If you are having wisdom teeth removed, you may want to talk with your dentist about the risks of paresthesia, a rare complication that can cause bruised nerves near the removed tooth. The bruised nerves can cause numbness, or paresthesia, of the tongue, lips, or chin that may last only a few days or permanently.

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