Why do I feel hot just before delivery?

Paula Greer
Midwifery Nursing

Transition is the stage of labor just before it is time to push the baby out and mom is usually around 8 cm dilated. During this stage the contractions are coming very close and mom and her uterus are working very hard to proceed to delivery. It is not uncommon for mom to feel hot or flushed in this stage and maybe even a little nauseated. She may also start to feel a lot of pressure in her vagina and rectum as the baby is pushing itself down the birth canal with the aid of the uterine contractions and is getting ready to give mom that urge to push which may mean it’s time to start pushing. At this stage of labor the coach may want to offer a fan, ice chips, a cool wash cloth and lots of emotional support.

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
Just before delivery, you may feel very hot and may experience vomiting, as your body is trying to expel the fetus. As the head emerges, you will feel a burning sensation around the opening of your vagina. That's called the Ring of Fire and is caused by the maximum stretching of the tissues and nerves of the perineum. Usually your doctor or midwife will massage this area to help it stretch or give you local anesthetic in anticipation of making an episiotomy to help the delivery along.
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