Should I leave my partner if he is not ready for monogamy?

Paul  Hokemeyer, PhD
Marriage & Family Therapy

It depends on how long you have been together, what your intentions are for the relationship and if he's lying about his affairs. Relationships take time to develop. As a baseline, 90 days is a good period of time to know if he's Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong. If after 90 days you are ready to invest more energy and emotion in the relationship, then you need to ask for a commitment that includes monogamy if that's important to you. If he is not ready to give you what you need, you should talk about why not and evaluate if you want to stay in the relationship or move on. If in your gut you sense that he's not willing or able to give you what you need, then move on, the sooner the better. Finally, if you have agreed on monogamy and you find he's cheating on you, get out of the relationship. Life is too short to put up with disrespect and heartache.

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