Should I discuss my sexual history before practicing monogamy?

Honesty is generally the best policy.  Maintaining a deception for the rest of your life will take a lot of energy and remembering what story you did or did not tell is risky at best.  You also have to hope that you never cross paths with someone who starts the converesation with, what ever happened to.....  The deception once discovered will cost you much more in terms of the relationship than the honesty will now.

Accurately assessing your partner's sexual history can help determine whether or not you may be put at risk for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and HIV. Before communicating about sexual history, you and your partner disagree about what constitutes "risky behavior." It's important to communicate to avoid misconception. Identifying past exposure to sexually transmitted diseases or at-risk behavior can help you to decide the best methods of protection and prevention in your relationship.

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