Is it possible to foster true intimacy before birth?

Mr. Eliot LeBow, CDE, LCSW
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Yes, before birth is the most intimate you can be with another person. Some people equate sex with intimacy but it is not the sexual contact but the caressing, caring gestures that lead up to the sexual encounter when love is involved. 

Being intimate are behaviors that causes the individual to be one with the other person, place or thing. It is a feeling of connectedness, and comes across an individual that they are safe and taken care of. You are not alone in this world.

"Out of the womb we come, frightened and scared, crying! Oh if I could go back to the comfort of the warm womb that took care of my every need. This internal suffering could end and I will join with my mom like no other will be joined with me again. Oh if I only could go back?" -Eliot LeBow

Freud stated that after birth we spend a lifetime trying to get back into the womb. In the womb you don't just perform acts of intimacy but actually feel it throughout your being. You can actually feel her love as opposed to being shown her love. 


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