How can I improve my communication to enhance love and intimacy?

Listening is a great way to build respectful relationships. In listen first communication you are trying to convey a spirit honoring individual perspectives, a genuine interest in people and a desire to form partnerships.

Listen first or motivational interviewing utilizes the following skills: 

•Ask open questions.  Invites people to talk and share their perspective.  
•Reflect what we hear from people.  Communicates understanding.  
•Summarize what we hear.  Pull together the major points of a conversation.  
•Use Affirmations.  We want to affirm what we see as positive with people.  Communicates encouragement and support.  

These simple listen first skills support people feeling supported, understood and respected which can lead to enhanced love and intimacy. People feel loved when they are heard and can love more fully when they are allowed to talk and know that someone is listening; that someone cares. 

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