Can an intimate relationship raise consciousness?

Yogi Cameron Alborzian
Alternative & Complementary Medicine

Often, a romantic relationship between two people becomes one of intense need and of yearning for the other person's company--known by many as codependency.  Though very much a form of intimacy, these types of relationships are likely to encumber a person's spiritual growth.  If one were to commit all of their energy to being there for another person, pleasing another person, and even attempting to change who they are to fulfill the other person's sense of an ideal partner, they will miss out on developing who they are and finding their higher purpose in life.

In contrast, having an intimate relationship fueled by a mutual interest in growth can be quite beneficial in helping us to raise our consciousness.  Two people may find that they get along very well with each other, but rather than completely try to immerse the essence of who they are with the essence of who the other person is, it will be of tremendous value to instead look at the relationship as an opportunity to serve another.  In this act of service, we come to a greater understanding of who we are.  Through greater understanding comes a heightened sense of consciousness and intuitive knowledge of our path.

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