Why is it important to say yes and no in the right balance?

Saying yes or no in the right balance is important; saying yes to others all the time means you are often saying no to yourself. Watch psychotherapist Tiffanie Davis Henry, PhD, explain why finding this balance is key to taking good care of yourself.

Karen R Koenig

This a high-wire act for everyone. The goal is to sense when you’re in balance and when you’re not and keep shifting slightly in one direction or another to regain equilibrium. Because life is constantly changing, you won’t be able to stay in balance for long. Sometimes you’ll feel as if you’re doing too much and other times as if you’re doing too little. That’s natural and normal. The problem arises when you’re stuck in a pattern of excess or insufficiency or ping-pong from one extreme to the other. By keeping in touch with your internal sufficiency meter and saying yes and no appropriately, you’ll feel less overwhelmed and stressed, calmer and more centered. And, of course, less inclined to eat when you’re not hungry.

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