How can we make life beautiful?

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    Bring happiness: Seek to bring no sadness or anger to anyone, at least consciously. This means no snapping, yelling, scolding, scoffing, swearing, belittling, disparaging, or condemning. Respond only with kindness in every interaction. You may feel this is difficult, but you can do it. If a whole day seems too hard, start with one hour, then two, and keep building. If you stumble and are inadvertently mean, just start over and attempt to do no harm for the rest of the day.

    Actively bring joy: Seek to bring gladness to those around you. It can be as simple as offering a smile, a kind word, or a small gift. Pick anything that you think will create happiness for those you encounter, even momentarily.

    Ease the pain: Identify someone you know who needs either physical or emotional comfort and do something about it. Make soup for your neighbor with the flu, or visit your lonely aunt at the retirement home. The task today is to make another person feel better.

    Reach out: Find an unrelated individual or group - people in need, with whom you have no direct connection, and look for ways of helping them. If you have money, write a check. If not, volunteer your time. The point is to do something that will lessen the suffering of those less fortunate than you.

    Forgive another person: Think of someone who has harmed you - someone toward whom you feel anger, resentment, or dislike. Acknowledge the suffering they have caused you and then let it go by choosing to release the residual pain that you have been holding on to. Forgiving them will free you.

    Forgive yourself: Take a quiet moment and get into a relaxed state. Go deep into a place where you harbor a sense of self-loathing or are secretly ashamed. Do not deny or indulge the feeling. Just allow it to exist. Then release it, by recognizing that it is not part of your essential self.

    Forgive God: Be aware of any resentment you have for life not turning out quite the way you wanted it to. Take each instance of disappointment or pain and offer it back to God as something that has shaped you. Allow yourself to be filled with a sense of gratitude for who you are in this precise moment.

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