What is the key to lasting weight loss?

Most people who attempt to lose weight eventually gain it back. This may be because those who try to lose weight make drastic changes, like going on a fad diet. Since drastic lifestyle changes are difficult to maintain, most fad dieters revert back to their old habits and regain the weight they lost. By making small changes, such as reducing portion sizes of the foods you currently eat and choosing lower-fat, lower-calorie items, you're likely to maintain these changes over time. So, how do you become a successful loser? Try following those who have already achieved success. You can lose weight and keep it off by tracking your caloric intake, weight loss and actual fitness regimen. You can also participate in our social community of like-minded people. Studies show that tracking and measurement against your goals coupled with support yields much greater results for longer periods of time. Successful weight losers have a few things in common:
  • They eat breakfast daily
  • They eat a low-calorie diet
  • They eat a consistent diet from day to day
  • They are very physically active (mostly through walking)
  • They weigh themselves regularly
  • They watch limited television
  • They stop small weight gains from getting larger
If your goal is weight loss, perhaps you can make one or more of these changes in your lifestyle to jump-start your success.
Samantha Heller, RD
Nutrition & Dietetics

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to stay motivated. In this video, registered dietitian Samantha Heller discusses ways to avoid regaining extra pounds.

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