How can I get rid of those last pounds to reach my weight-loss goal?

Most weight-loss plateaus are caused by our actions: We relax our efforts just a little bit, such as not walking as far or as long as we once were. But physiological factors also may play a part. There are times when something going on within the body is causing the pounds to hang on. About one-quarter of the weight you lose is lean tissue. Lean-tissue loss means you burn fewer calories, which can contribute to your plateau.

To keep shedding pounds, reaffirm your commitment to your weight-loss plan and move forward. Attending Weight Watchers meetings can provide the motivation, inspiration, and support you need to keep going. You may want to mix up your routine a bit to make it seem fresh: try a new healthy recipe, be diligent about weighing and measuring your portions, keep track of everything you're eating (including when, and why), or increase your activity level by adding some jogging intervals to your daily walk.

Weight Watchers offers a comprehensive approach to weight loss that can help you reach your goals.
Here are some tips to help shed those last pounds in your weight loss goal:

1.Zig-Zag your calories! Your body will adjust to food (calories, really) just as it does to the mundane routine of walking on a treadmill day in and day out – yawn – and when it does, it stops working as hard as it could to burn fat and calories. So crank it up! How, you ask? Well, you must keep your body guessing. Say you’re consuming 1,200 calories a day, you’ll want to start the week by consuming 1,100 calories a day, then 1,050 calories, the next day 1,100 calories, then 1,200 calories, and so on. The trick is to keep the body guessing by reducing or increasing 50-100 calories each day. Eating this way turns up the body’s energy-burning power and kicks your metabolism into high gear.

2.Eat your water! Eat high-volume foods like veggies, fruits, lean protein (grass-fed meats), fish and poultry that contain lots of nutrients and water. Eat more of the foods that are high-volume and contain high-concentrations of nutrients instead of those that are calorically-dense and have few nutrients (candy, cakes, pies, cookies, soda, chips, corn curls and highly processed foods).

3.Start your day with a sundae! This sundae is made with fresh fruit: strawberries (half-cup), half of a banana, low-fat Greek yogurt, 1 tbsp ground flaxseed, and sprinkled with my favorite secret ingredient – matcha green tea.

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