How do I successfully manage my weight for life?

Whether your objective is weight loss, weight gain or maintaining your current weight, lifelong success in weight management depends on new ways of thinking:
  • Make health, not appearance, your weight-management priority. Strive for your best weight for health. Remember this is not necessarily the lowest weight you could be or even what you may consider your ideal number.
  • Set realistic, attainable goals. Start with where you currently are and set more manageable goals. A goal of losing five pounds in the near future is more attainable than losing 25 pounds over a year's time.
  • Focus on a healthy lifestyle and not on dieting. Diets are too often short-term tactics that do not end with long-term results. Make changes to your overall lifestyle that are realistic and able to be carried out long-term.
  • Cut yourself some slack. Allow for occasional slipups in your eating strategy. Also, plan for treats and splurges, allowing yourself to indulge every once in a while, making up for it at another time.
  • Expect success. If you doubt yourself, you're more likely to fail. Positive self-talk and an enthusiastic approach to weight management can set you up for success.
Whatever method you choose for your weight management program, stay strong and don't give up. It will inevitably be harder at some times than others, but stick with it and remember it's about your health and not your appearance.

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