Why should I acknowledge that I am addicted to a certain food?

Kathy Freston
Nutrition & Dietetics
By simply calling it out for what it is, you will no longer blindly and unconsciously keep indulging. You will be aware, alert to the denial that wants to repress any effort to change. When I first wanted to stop eating meat -- for reasons of health and ethics -- I did battle with my urges. I wanted to be a vegetarian, but I also wanted that taste of steak in my mouth. Or the tuna sandwich wolfed down with a root beer. I thought, "Wow, I can't seem to stop myself from eating this stuff, even though I know it's not right." So I labeled it. I thought, "I must be addicted." Which led to, "I really don't want to be held hostage by any addiction or attachment. I need to handle this. If I don't handle this, I will not rise to my best potential."

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