What should a weight-loss program consist of?

Most weight loss programs combine diet, exercise, and behavioral therapy together in an attempt to achieve long term weight loss success.  To successfully lose weight long term, studies have shown that people successfully combine changes in habits such as leisure time activities, dietary modifications and exercise together. There are many different dietary strategies out there that have varying rates of success in helping people lose weight, but the only long term weight loss combines changes in lifestyle along with diet and exercise.

The most effective weight loss programs consist of activities that will enable you to burn more calories than you take in. That is best accomplished by participating in a mixture of strength training, cardiovascular training and making sure your nutrition program will enable you to create a caloric deficit. Food logging and measuring your food will help ensure your portions are correct. An effective weight loss program will also teach you about goal setting and give you tips on how to stay motivated to reach those goals.

There are three main things your weight loss program should consist of.  One is weight training.  Second is a cardiovascular program and third is meal planning.  Each one of these works hand in hand with the one.  Weight training helps increase muscle mass which in turns burns more calories for the body.  Cardiovascular training helps burn more calories too but also increases endurance, lower blood pressure and rest heart rate.  Lastly meal planning when done right helps you balance out your calories with carbohydrates, fats and proteins so you don't eat more than you burn.  There can be a fourth component to your weight loss program which is support.  Support can come from family, friends or even your personal trainer.

 Weight loss is a lot easier than most people think. Lets just keep it simple. Eat less, move more and change your thinking. I think the most important is proper food intake. Its all about Calories In - Calories Out, if you burn more calories then you consume, you will lose weight. So what burns calories? Just about everything, the question is what is right for you.

There is a foundation that you must establish and build on, that will gauaratee success!

Proper food intake - eat to live
Cardio - get that Heart Rate up
Resistance training - get on a program that will track progress
Listen too your body - recognize when you have adapted to your work out and change. Dont keep doing the same old things.

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