What lifestyle changes should I make if I want to lose weight?

Taking a good, honest look at your current lifestyle is an important start. Pull out a small notepad and start keeping record of meals, snacks and drinks. Also record your activity, not limited to traditional exercise. Gardening and walks should be considered as your daily activity representing your current lifestyle, for example. Be specific. Regarding meals, record your portions. Regarding daily activity, record duration and intensity. 5 to 7 days should give you a good idea. Now that you know where you are, you can begin to make healthy lifestyle changes to reach your goal of weight loss. It’s important to make changes that at some level you can continue for life. This is key to making lasting “lifestyle” changes vs. changes that you may only make short term to lose the weight. Simply and gradually begin to replace unhealthy habits with new healthy ones in the way you think, the way you fuel your body and the way you move. You are on your way to healthy weight loss as a result of making healthy “lifestyle” changes.

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