Which weight-loss products are a waste of money?

Well I am going to go out on a limb and say all of them.  Now some people might disagree with me but here is my point.  No one wants to be out of shape, overweight or just plain fat.  We all want to get those results as of yesterday.  Remember you didn't come to this point overnight and it won't come off overnight.  Most products offer you quick results and rapid weight loss.  Bottom line if you don't learn how to change your lifestyle you will only begin to gain the weight back if not more.  If you are simply burning more than you eat you will lose weight.  However in this day and time people have become less active due to tv, video games and poor dietary habits.  Learning how to eat and what to eat to keep the weight off is only one step.  However taking drugs to keep your weight off is only temporary because when you get off of it, it will only come back because you lifestyle is usually the same.  So don't waste your money on any of these weight loss products to hit your goals.  Not one of my clients is on any type of weight loss supplement and they still lose weight and bodyfat every singel month, so it can be done. 
Alberta Scruggs
Nutrition & Dietetics

Weight loss is a big business and will profit from those who don't know. I believe any product that excludes one of the food groups (especially if you love that group), a product that promises mystical magical results (promising something for nothing), and weight-loss medications are a waste of money. Unless the proposed product or dietary habit is something you'll use for the rest of your life, the benefits are minimal and a waste of money.

Seek guidance from skilled health professionals (dietitans, fitness instructors, weight management counselors or physicians), when wanting to begin a weight loss program. They are trained to provide evidence-based weight loss information that won't financially drain the customer.

Jessica Crandall
Nutrition & Dietetics

Anti-obesity/weight loss drugs do not have an impressive long term success rate and if there was ONE that was really key we would not likely have the obesity epidemic that we currently have. However new research is always coming out and working with a Registered Dietitian can help you clarify the confusion that can be easy to buy into. Also working with a registered dietitian can be a helpful way in achieving your nutritional and weight loss goals.

Big question!
However if you sit down with a physician, dietician, or trainer with extra training in weight loss nutrition - you can at least find products that do make sense.

I tend to focus my attention on those products backed with good clinical research or that have the proper balance I am shooting for based upon my patient's goals, needs, and metabolic restrictions.

Many people can criticize meal replacements or packaged "diet foods"...but in many cases these can be very cost effective despite their higher than expected cost. Many pre-packaged foods (if they are nutritionally balanced) keep a person on track with their nutritional goals by limiting their "food world".  I prefer my patients to eat "real" foods, but I do encourage pre-packaged items for those with busy lifestyles or those that are too easily tempted to "cheat".
Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Weight loss is a $50 billion and more industry in North America. But many products that promise weight loss are just a waste of money. Find out which you should avoid as Dr. Oz and dietitian Samantha Heller discuss bogus weight-loss products in this video.

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