Is it okay to track my weight using just my scale?


It is ok to measure your weight by using a scale.  However, you have to keep in mind that your weight fluctuates throughout the day.  Make sure that you weigh yourself the same time of day, and with the same amount of clothing on.  My preference is first thing in the morning with nothing on.  This way I know that what is showing on the scale is all me.  It does not include clothing or any food that I may have eaten.

If you are working out and swapping body fat for lean muscle mass (LMM), then you may be thinner and healthier, but the weight loss will not show as much on the scale.  It is best to include other methods in addition to the scale.  These methods include body fat measurements as well perceived weight loss (are your clothes fitting looser than before?). 

Of course it's okay to measure your weight by using a scale.  Really it is a matter of what your goals are and how you wish to measure against them.  If you want to gain or lose scale weight then the scale does that for you.  If your goal is weight loss I would encourage you to not allow the scale to be your only source of measuring your progress. How you feel and how your clothes feel are great indications of progress.

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