Is it possible to get addicted to weight-loss supplements?

Weight-loss supplements can be addicting depending on what chemicals they contain. Some supplements contain caffeine or amphetamine derivatives, which can be very addicting. Some people can also become addicted to the psychological effects of the pills.
Dr. Mike Dow, PsyD
Addiction Medicine
Watch as Dr. Mike Dow discusses whether or not it's possible to become addicted to weight loss supplements. 

Absolutely you can become addicted to weight loss supplements for two reasons.  Some people can become addicted to weight loss supplements due to the ingredients that is in them.  Just like coffee or energy drinks once the effects wear off you are ready for another.  Unfortunately many people abuse the supplements for the results it gives them.  This is reason number two.  When people start taking the supplements and start seeing results sometimes people start taking more and more of them to see results quicker.  So this becomes the cycle for some people.  As a trainer I have seen this many times.  I know we live in a society where we want results yesterday.  Remember you didn't put it on over night and it is not going to come off over night.  First choice stay away from weight loss supplements they are not good for you.  Second changing your lifestyle will help you lose weight quicker.  Bottom line if you are burning more than you are eating you will lose weight healthy and naturally.

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