Why can I not get results like the Biggest Loser contestants?

Although the contestants on Biggest Loser have all the tools anyone could ever want to transform their bodies, their lifestyle behaviors, their mindsets at their disposal, the true way to measure results is with yourself and how you hold yourself accountable to your own actions. Write it down: what you do, how often, how much time, what time of day, what you eat, how often, how much, what time of day. Pencil and paper. Need help? Transform yourself. Join Dr. Oz on transformation nation right here at

Well if you worked out for many hours a day, had personal trainers on hand, a stocked refrigerator and were able to focus solely on yourself excluding your job, kids, life stresses, etc then you could probably get results like that too! I’m not saying that the contestants don’t have their share of stress being away from their families and just trying to stay on the show, it’s clear that they do. I definitely have mixed feeling about the show. I love seeing contestants realize how much they can do and I love seeing their mental attitude shifts but I also know that it's relatively impossible to mimic the setup they have on the ranch at home. Succeeding in your environment with your set of stresses may be slower but it has much more staying power in the long run! Just remember that when you watch that show!


Tina Whitlock
Let’s not forget that the Biggest Loser is after all, a game show. With quite a large cash prize and if the money in itself is not enough of a motivating factor, there is the fact that they are in a live-in program, surrounded by experts, with no other responsibilities but to lose weight.  Although they have undergone tremendous transformations, some of the biggest loser contestants have not been successful at keeping the weight off.  Remember in order to be a long term successful loser steady and slow is the way to go.

The Biggest Loser has some really great 'lessons' but the problem is that most of what the show promotes is very unrealistic for everyone else who is going through a similar process. The contestants are isolated and they have all of everything at their disposal to be able to get through the show/weight loss program which is not at all realistic for anyone else who's not on the show. 

The other important thing to keep in mind about reality shows is that what looks like happens in a day does not happen in a day. :-)

The reason no one can get the results like the biggest loser is because it is unrealistic.  First you must look at what the show is all about.  The show takes extremely overweight people who really have not exercised at all in their lives and excessively over eat.  Then there are their workouts which can last for hours.  So basicly your taking someone from one extreme and moving them to another extreme.  In real life we don't have personal trainers 24/7, we don't have nutritionists or counselors to help us out everyday pushing us in the gym.  Just think what they go through.  You might have a person eating a 4000 calorie diet in a day to maybe cutting down to 2000 calories in a day.  Now add in exercise and of course they will lose a lot of weight very quickly.  Also this is not the safest thing to do either.  Healthy weight loss is only about 1-3 pounds per week for the average person.  Bottom line you want a lifestyle change not a quick fix that won't help you in the long run.

The Biggest Loser contestants achieve remarkable results through a combination of strict diet and exercise. While the average person can certainly cut calories and increase exercise it would be difficult and potentially very dangerous for the average person to undertake such an intense program without strict medical supervision. That being said, the average person is not likely to experience such dramatic results in the same amount of time because the Biggest Loser contestants are devoting all their time to the goal of losing weight. They are spending hours and hours each day working out in very intense training programs. They are also eating a very controlled and calorie restricted diet. The Biggest Loser also focuses on drastic weight loss in the short term and does not fully address the importance of long term lifestyle changes that are key to losing and maintaining weight. While their results may be impressive in the short term you will be better served by making small and manageable lifestyle changes that contribute to a lifetime of positive health and wellness.

Shayne Adair
The contestants on the Biggest Loser make massive changes in their bodies in a very short time.  They have been put in a situation where they are competely removed from their every day life, they exercise for many, many hours a day and eat a very low calorie diet.  In the time they are on the "Ranch" their entire focus is on weight loss.  They are surrounded by experts that help them make those daily decisions to lose weight.

There are a couple of things to think about when thinking about their large losses.  First, many of the contestants have injuries from pushing hard so many hours a day. If you look as the season continues many of them have wrapped ankles, are limping, or are having medical restrictions.  By losing weight more slowly, with a more reasonable exercise program you are less likely to sustain an exercise injury.

The contestants are in an extreme and isolated situation it can be difficult for them to translate the new habits to their normal daily life.  In the case of learning new habits while you are losing weight at home you are actually at an advantage having slower weight loss.  As you are making lifestyle changes you are already incorporating them into your daily life.  By the time you reach your goal weight you already have the habits in place to maintain your healty weight.
Many of the contestants on the Biggest Loser get extreme results very quickly! In many cases, this is due to their size and the way the show is designed. You have to remember that the producers of the show select people who previously were excessively obese and lead largely sedentary lifestyles. Contestants are chosen because they have the most potential for dramatic change. Unfortunately while the aim is great, it sets completely unrealistic goals and expectations for others. It is also important to consider that the contestants are removed from their daily life and live in an isolated place where they can focus solely on weight loss. They have access to personal trainers and nutritionists all the time and live alongside people who all share a common goal. While it would be ideal, most people do not have the ability to live in this type of environment devoid of the rigors of normal life. Family, work, and other life stressors can prevent you from working out up to eight hours a day or maintaining a proper nutrition program. Holding yourself up to the expectation that you will change as quickly as the contestants is unrealistic and could undermine your efforts. However, you can still obtain similar results using the same concept. Eating right and exercising can help you build muscle and shed body fat. The key is make managable, life-long changes that will help you achieve your goals.

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