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How can I reduce big thighs?

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  • A Troy Taylor, NASM Elite Trainer, Fitness, answered

    There are basically three things that heavily contribute to the size of your legs. The first is simply the size of your skeleton. If you are large boned you will tend to have a large pelvis and large leg bones, ankle bones etc. This should carry throughout your body though and be somewhat consistent. The second is body fat. This can totally be controlled by diet and exercise. If you are carrying too much fat you need to start a smart calorically controlled eating program to allow you to reduce body fat which will significantly impact the size of your legs. The third is the amount of muscle you are carrying. If by chance you spent the bulk of your life in heavy resistance training programs you might be carrying a lot of muscle and this of course can contribute to leg size. There are also some health reasons that your thighs could be larger than what you are comfortable with like a lower body edema. This is a medical concern that you would talk to your doctor about. In most cases though reduction of body fat will solve the problem and this is simply a calorie issue. Eat less lose some weight and see if your leg issues start going away...

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