As a Sharecare Transformer, what’s your number one weight-loss trick?

My number one weight loss trick is knowing dieting is MENTAL! Once I did it for ME and to be healthy and not to see a number on the scale, it completely changed my outlook on weight loss and I began to lose more consistently! I have plenty of diet strategies, but when someone asks me my number one tip, I always say that YOU have to be ready to this for YOU!

When people ask me what my best weight loss secret is, it is combining the Weight Watchers program with eating right for your blood type. If you look up your list of the foods you should be eating and the foods you should be avoiding, based on your blood type, I believe it will change your life, your health and your weight loss. You can find your list on line or in the book, "Eat Right for Your Blood Type" by Peter D'Adamo. 

I have slowly added all the foods that boost my metabolism and make my body work at it's best, and I have tried to take out all the foods that shut my metabolism down and cause inflammation, etc. Putting these two programs together has changed my life. I did this for the Transformation Nation Challenge, and I have continued to lose the weight, and as of my weigh in yesterday at WW, I have lost 70.4 pounds and I feel fantastic!

I stick to my diet and get regular exercise.  I have also learned to cheat in moderation!

My number one tip would be to set small realistic and achievable goals. When I started Weight Watchers I had a lot of weight to lose and that is overwhelming and I feel like I've failed before I even started. My leader taught me to set small goals, like 10 pounds, so that I would focus on that (and reward myself appropriately) rather than feeling discouraged knowing I had 200+ pounds to lose.

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