A Simple Way to Lose Weight

A Simple Way to Lose Weight

If dinner feels like a race against the clock, then consider this a speeding ticket from the food police.

Quickly plowing through your meals until your meter hits "full" can easily lead to extra pounds. (Maybe it already has.)

Rush-Hour Power
In a study, two factors were strong predictors of weight gain. The first, no surprise, was how much people ate. The second? How quickly they ate. Speedy eaters in the study who typically noshed until they felt full were 3 times more likely to be overweight than people who ate at a more leisurely pace. Speed demons also consistently consume more calories overall. (Video: Find out how eating more can help you lose weight.)

Meals in the Moment
Here are a few tricks to help you slow down and enjoy your meals more:

  • Keep distractions to a minimum so you can focus on your food.
  • Serve small portions. You can have seconds or eat more later if you're hungry again.
  • Stay tuned in to each bite. Here's what we mean by that.
  • Take a couple of sips of water between bites. (Could you be thirsty, not hungry?)
  • Give yourself plenty of time to feel full. It may take 20 minutes for your satisfied stomach to send a signal to your brain.
  • Aim for three-quarters full instead of stuffed.