How is the OverStitch done?

The OverStitch is a device that allows surgeons to endoscopically enter the inside of the gastric pouch created during bariatric surgery and suture the anastomotic opening or connection to make it smaller again, and also to suture the gastric pouch to reduce its volume. This procedure requires anesthesia; however, it is minimally invasive and does not require traditional surgery and incisions. The procedure is done endoscopically through the mouth, going into the stomach much like a procedure to diagnose an ulcer.

During the procedure, a device is placed over an endoscope that acts like a tiny sewing machine. The surgeon positions the device into the gastric pouch and connection and places four or five sutures, which decreases the size of the anastomosis and reduces the gastric pouch volume.

A safe and effective procedure, it is expected to help people lose approximately 30 percent of their excess weight. The person will not even realize they have anything done other than going to sleep for the procedure. They will, however, quickly notice a reduction in the amount of food they can eat and once again feel that sense of fullness that was lost by stretching the pouch and the anastomosis.

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