Can a weight-loss surgery patient regain the pounds that were lost?

After weight-loss (bariatric) surgery it is very common for people to gain back the weight they lost. While bariatric surgery works very well, it's still not perfect for some people. Typically, the person will be at their lowest weight 12 to 18 months after surgery. Then, they'll slowly start to regain some weight. How much weight depends on the individual, but most people gain some weight over time.
On average, people who had bariatric surgery gain back about 30% of the weight they lost within ten years of surgery. Some people gain back nearly all of the weight that they had lost.
Robert DeVito
Fitness Specialist

The simple answer is—yes. You can regain lost weight regardless if weight loss surgery is done.

I have worked with nearly fifty individuals that have had weight loss surgery and about half of these people successfully maintain thier weight loss.

Poor genetics and an out of control lifestyle seem to be common amongst all of our members that have opted for the surgery. We have worked with people that have lost well over 100 pounds and have gone on to lose even more weight, and maintaining the losses. Conversely, I have also seen a slow weight rebound in many others.

The difference is clear to me - does the individual learn, execute and continue to implement new habits?

The habits are simple, yet vital to long-term success—the successful individuals have continued their education in regards to nutrition and have committed to strength training. When these individuals opt to learn about the best foods for them to eat, when to eat them and how to control the portions, they feel better and have more energy. Strength training is used as the primary exercise choice due to its positive effect on metabolism.

Further, I have seen fantastic results from the people who learn to handle stress differently.  As we often say, food choices are outcomes, so if an individual is a stress eater and they do not learn new stress reduction methods, the underlying issue is still present.

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