Will I gain weight if I eat at night?

Judy Caplan
Nutrition & Dietetics
Maybe yes, maybe no. It depends on how many calories you eat throughout the day and how active you are. It also depends on your food choices. Are you eating dinner late? Or are you eating ice cream after dinner leading to consumption of extra, empty calories. Generally it is not good to go to bed on a full stomach. You are more prone to heart burn and gas. However, I don't buy the rule never to eat after 6 pm.
Jim White
Nutrition & Dietetics

During the night is when our bodies utilize the least amount of energy, therefore, it does not need the same amount of calories as it does during the day. Eating a meal at night leaves the body with an excess of calories which if not utilized will be stored as fat, thus causing you to gain weight. If you must eat at night it is best to do so 2-3 hours prior to your bedtime.

Not necessarily. If you eat the same amount of calories throughout the day, or late in the day, this will not have a significant impact on weight loss. However, if you starve yourself all day long, there’s a strong likelihood that you will overeat, or make poor choices when you finally do eat. Research shows that eating throughout the day helps people lose weight because it prevents them from getting too hungry.

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