Why have I stopped losing weight despite dieting and exercising?

One of the reasons that your weight loss plateaus and you sit at a particular number, despite your diet and exercise efforts, is not changing the challenge and intensity of your workout efforts. As your weight drops, you need to modify your workout efforts because your body weighs less and it also becomes accustomed to the exercises. Consider adding some new equipment to your exercise formula.
  • Kettlebells – Instead of just using free weights, these weights have a handle that allows you to swing the weights.
  • Jump rope – Jumping rope offers a high calorie burning opportunity.
  • Weighted balls – Instead of free weights, try some new routines with these balls that you need to cradle in two hands.
  • Large inflated ball – Doing crunches on this surface allows you to work your core with greater intensity, as you balance your weight on the surface.
  • Elastic bands – When you work with these, you have to control the pull and the release, so you get a positive and negative exertion on the muscles you are working.
Or try a new approach:
  • If you walk the treadmill, add hill walking
  • If you cycle, add intervals of speed spurts
  • If you use the elliptical machine and only work out in the forward motion, do some backward intervals.
  • If you only take cardio classes like Zumba, add some weight training classes

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