Is there anything that can remove fat from my belly and waist?

Losing body fat is a matter of energy in VS energy out. In order to change your body composition, you have to be expending more calories than you are taking in. One reason most people have excess fat around the belly and waist is because they dedicate too much time to 'doing abs'. You can't perform spot reduction, meaning you can't burn fat in one specific are just because you are working out that area. The body will burn fat as a one cohesive unit so you are better off performing a set of lunges to burn abdominal fat than you are a set of crunches. The reason behind this is simply because you burn more calories (far more) doing lunges than crunches.

Another reason most people have trouble reducing belly fat is because of a lack of emphasis on nutrition. The abdominal area is a preferred site for the body to deposit fat. It is where we as humans naturally carry fat stores for survival purposes. Because of this, it is difficult to burn these fat stores without having your nutrition dialed in. So here are some tips for helping to beat that stubborn belly fat:

- Track your food and drink. Every single things counts! Nothing in the body gets a free ride. Every bite of food and sip of drink has to be dealt with by your body. Those little 'tasters' add up, and if they equate to you eating more calories than you are burning, you aren't going to lose weight, especially in the abdominal area.

- Increase the intensity of both your cardio and strength training workouts. Give your body a reason to respond to the workouts you’re doing.

- Focus on exercises that give you more 'bang for your buck' (lunges vs crunches)

- Perform dynamic exercises that work through all 3 planes of motion

- Make sure you pulling your belly button towards your spine and really activating your core muscles. Your hip flexor muscles with take over for your abdominal muscles if you aren’t focused on utilizing them.

- Perform exercises that require your to hold proper position for a certain amount of time (plank holds)

YES! Each body is different and responds accordingly, but there is always hope :) Remember that abs are made in the kitchen. Focus on eating LEAN to keep bloat and unwanted belly fat at bay (some fat is essential) and try circuit training to reduce overall belly fat. Check out the link below for free workouts, recipes, and tightening tips!

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