What professionals can help me lose weight, eat healthy, and get fit?

Brooke Randolph
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When trying to lose weight, change eating habits, or increase exercise, you may need a coach, therapist, trainer, and/or a nutritionist, all of whom can help you in different ways. Even better, you can assemble a team of professionals that surround you with support, information, tools, and techniques to get your best results.

Coach: A coach collaborates with you to help you achieve the goals that you set through a structured, solution-focused process. Coaching differs from traditional therapy in that the focus is on what can be done today to improve your future, rather than working through the difficulties of the past or the present. Coaching generally involves homework and accountability and coaches are often able to be more flexible in working with clients over the phone or online.

Therapist: A therapist can help you in the same ways that a coach may; however, a therapist may also be able to help you process events or emotions of the past, including things that may be contributing to your current difficulty. Working with a therapist may be important if your habit change involves an eating disorder, trauma, or any anxiety or mood symptoms that interfere with your daily life.
Personal trainer: A personal trainer can focus on your physical fitness by creating an exercise routine, teaching you proper form, holding you accountable, and monitoring your progress. A physical therapist or masseuse may be important if you develop any exercise-related injuries. Be sure that your personal trainer is certified by an accredited certification program, as it is not against the law to market yourself as a trainer with absolutely no schooling or experience.

Nutritionist: A nutritionist or registered dietitian can help you create a healthy food plan that works for you and adjust it based on your personal needs.

Primary medical provider (PMP): Your primary medical provider can monitor your health and medication needs. Please always consult your PMP before adjusting any medications. While a PMP may prescribe anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or anti-psychotic medications in most states, a psychiatrist may be more appropriate for monitoring those medications.

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