What is a weight loss buddy?

Paula Greer
Midwifery Nursing

A weight loss buddy is someone that will help you lose weight. A weight loss buddy should have the same desire and commitment to make healthy lifestyle changes as you do. This person can be an e-buddy or someone you have regular face to face interaction with. This person can motivate you to eat right, sleep more, decrease your stress, and exercise more. In today’s busy lifestyles with so many of us working and having family expectations face to face time with a buddy may be hard to do. Luckily there are a variety of e-coaching fitness programs now available that may work better if you have a crazy 24 hour work schedule like mine. FITBIT is one way I found to get support. Facebook is another. There are sites that you can track your steps with your friends and aim for at least 10,000 a day. Some sites even get competitive to keep you stepping. Many sites like have blogs from people who are transforming their lives to help you along the way. Sharecare has a wealth of fitness experts and nutrition experts that you can friend on your journey to better health. Face to face or electronically BUDDY up. It will keep your journey interesting, help you through the rough spots and keep you from feeling like you are all alone. Share with others what you learn along the way. You will get back whatever you give tenfold. I have.

Robert DeVito

A Weight Loss Buddy is a person in which you share a common goal. Most weight loss buddies are people that you schedule and perform exercise with. However, one of the main purposes of a Weight Loss Buddy is accountability. So, in reality, it may be a friend or colleague or family member that you speak to and relate with. A Weight Loss buddy is supportive and acts as a team member to motivate and inspire you to exercise even when you may not feel like it.

A weight loss buddy is an individual that supports you by not tempting you with foods that will hinder your success, that instead supports your efforts. 

Katie Rickel, PhD
A weight loss buddy is a friend, family worker, co-worker (really any other person in your life) who also has a desire to lose weight and wants to commit to engaging in behaviors conducive to weight loss (reducing calories, increasing exercise, etc.).  This buddy can serve as a person to keep you accountable in your own weight loss efforts (with mutual "check-ins" about food, exercise, and other health behaviors), and this person can be useful in giving you support and ideas as you pursue this goal of weight loss together.

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