Why don't conventional weight loss approaches provide lasting benefits?

Brad Lamm
Addiction Medicine
Because we want quick fixes, fads and band-aids. We loathe being uncomfortable and change is uncomfortable. Kids before the age of five are like sponges when it comes to learning new things. Languages? Check. Math? Check. The brain has not yet settled into patterns of rigidity.

If your goal is to lose it and keep it off (and who doesn't?!), go deeper with me and explore emotional underpinnings that support, and prop up your need to feed. People need support, systems and tools to make change stick. That's what I work to give them. Online at JUST10Diet.com, get some new tools for making behavioral change last, instead of another yo-yo diet.

Ask yourself what tricks you've tried in the past? Fasting? Over exercising? Enemas? Pills? There are a few tools that I like that aren't obvious but I've used with clients and friends alike over the years. First, never skip a meal. Ever. I carry emergency food with me so that I don't get into the mad hunger zone - which is where binges come from so often. In my bag I've always got Shaklee Cinch bars and powdered protein shakes. There's never a time when I skip a meal. I've allowed my body to get on a healthy eating snack and I don't go off it with starvation and skipped meals. Cinch bars have Leucine which is an essential amino-acid that helps your body lose fat over muscle. So the benefits are compounded.

Another often overlooked tool is simple really: eat a nice healthy breakfast. Each morning I start the day with something like this:
2 Eggs scrambled / cooked in spray oil in a non-stick pan
1/4 cup low-fat Greek Yogurt
1 Cup Blueberries
1 Cup Coffee

I feel satisfied and energized because I've taken the time to have some protein, some carbs and some healthy fruit sugar too.

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