Is there a quick way to lose weight?

Rose Reisman
Nutrition & Dietetics

We all know there is no “magic bullet” to permanent weight loss. “Easy lose, easy gain” is what I’ve seen. Think of the Tortoise and the Hare. In weight loss the Tortoise will win every time. Slow and steady. The key points to permanent and healthy weight loss include the following:

  • If you’re unfamiliar with healthy eating don’t do it alone. Speak to a nutritionist or Registered Dietician.
  • Don’t cut out any of the four food groups. Your diet must include lean protein, fruits and vegetables, healthy grains and low fat dairy products. Allow yourself some treats and a couple of glasses of wine weekly.
  • Your perfect plate should be 25% protein, 25 % grains or starchy vegetables and 50% vegetables.
  • If you’re eating something every 2 – 3 hours, this will prevent increased portions and mindless snacking.
  • Keep your fat to a minimum and minimize the amount of animal fat coming from meat, poultry, cheese and other dairy foods. Consume controlled amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated oils, such as canola, olive, peanut and grape seed oil.
  • Don’t drink your calories. Eat an apple rather than apple juice. Avoid sugar free beverages which whet your appetite for more sugar.
  • “Flip the Switch” which means to change how you think about food. Changing your lifestyle is a challenge but can be done over time. This is not a “diet” you’re on, but rather a way of life.
  • “Exercise, exercise, exercise”. No more needs to be said!
Remember there is no quick fix to weight loss.  Weight loss comes when you change your lifestyle.  Sure are there products out there to help you lose weight faster and the answer is yes but the real question is are they safe.  The answer is no.  These quick fixes only last for a short peroid of time.  When people go on extreme diets or take these weight loss supplements it is only temporary because once you get off of them your eating habits and lifestyle are still the same.  So guess what you will gain the weight back if not more on some occassions.  If you are looking for weight loss and wanting to keep it off change your lifestyle by eating healthy, training properly and holding yourself accountable every single day.  To find safe ways to keep your weight down and consistant see your fitness professional.

There is always a quick fix available for weight loss, but none of those fad diets have proven to be safe, lasting, successful methods for weight management.  The term yo-yo dieting is popular because it is very common for people to look for easy ways to reach their goals quickly.  But the true test is keeping the weight off long term and quick fixes do not get you there!

These approaches do not involve true and sustainable lifestyle changes.  One must consciously commit to making healthy eating choices and exercising regularly as well as avoiding the behaviors that sabotage results.

Lifelong control and successful weight management are a journey for many but remember that slow and steady wins the race.  There are no quick fixes in the longrun, just success by making smart decisions and choices and living in moderation!

Of course there are!  I've experienced weight loss with many "quick fix" options. Unfortunately, each of them resulted in my gaining the weight I lost back plus more. I was stuck for years in the quick fix / diet cycle of losing and gaining weight.  I wanted off desperately. Do I recommend them?  No.  

Working towards my health from the inside out is what helped me to gain control of my weight.  As I approached my overall health making gradual, consistent changes in the way of nutrition and exercise and also mindset, the physical weight began to come off and stay off.

Lifestyle change is key and it does not have to be all or nothing.  Begin making changes towards a healthier you today. Set attainable goals and begin working towards them focusing on the work...eating proper nutrition, exercising consistently and working to keep a positive mindset focusing on progress every step of the way.
We have all heard the saying, "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!". And weight loss is no exception. Frequently when dieters embark on a new weight loss program they cut out high sodium foods and often limit carbohydrate consumption. These modifications cause the body to release water, giving the perception of quick weight loss. But you guessed it - return to your old eating patterns and so will the water weight.

Lifestyle overhauls very seldom last. We have seen it time and time again - ambitious New Year's resolutions that started with intense focus will typically lose steam after a few weeks.

I can tell you what does work is making small, sustainable changes. Focus in on one or two habits and practice those habits until they become a way of life. Then in a couple or weeks, or even a month, move onto a new habit.

Here is how that could look:

Weeks 1&2: Cut down to one soda a day and walk 30 minutes 3 times a week.

Weeks 3&4: Start eating oatmeal for Breakfast and add 10 minutes of stretching 3 times a week.

Weeks 5&6: Swap out my afternoon chips for cut vegetables & hummus and add in 20 minutes of strength training 3 times a week.

Weeks 7&8: Eat a serving of fruit with Lunch and vegetables with Dinner each day.

Do you see how quickly these small changes add up? If you started out on day one trying to make all of these changes at once, you may have been overwhelmed and, like most, thrown in the towel. But by taking these baby steps, you will make consistent progress and in 6 months you will be further than you thought possible!

Please let me know if I can help you determine which steps you need to take to get you on the road to a healthier life!

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for weight loss - if your goal is to be successful at weight loss for the long-term. Weight loss will occur when you burn more calories than you consume. This can be achieved by being more physically active, decreasing your daily caloric intake, or a combination of the two. In other words, you need to eat less and move more on a daily basis.

When it comes to weight loss, it is important to set yourself realistic goals and time frames. A good starting point would be aiming to lose one to two pounds per week, or losing 10% of your initial weight within a six month period. One pound of body fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. Therefore, creating a daily caloric deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories should result in a one to two pound weight loss each week.

It's also important to realize that weight loss will take time. You did not gain weight overnight, and you will not lose weight overnight. Commit to making small, and gradual, lifestyle changes that you will be able to maintain for life. There is no magic pill, fad diet, or temporary exercise program that will give you long term weight loss success. To maintain weight loss for life you need to commit to living a healthier lifestyle by becoming more physically active, along with consuming a more nutritious diet on a daily basis. If you are new to exercise start by increasing your activities of daily living each day. For example, walk your dog, mow your lawn, do some yard work, play with your children, and take the stairs instead of the elevator when shopping or at work. Over time you will notice that you have more energy and will be able to continue these activities for longer durations.

There is no quick fix for successful long-term weight loss. Weight loss is a journey - and can sometimes be a very frustrating one. Be patient and do not give up. Surround yourself with a good support group who can help encourage you and keep you on track. The most important thing for successful long-term weight loss is that the positive changes you make along the way, need to be changes that stay with you for life.
Although it would be convenient to lose weight quickly, most dietary changes that are both effective and keep weight off over years, not months, allow you to lose between 1 and 2 pounds a week. Exercise is also helpful, especially in maintaining weight loss once you hit your goal.

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