What is the most natural way to lose weight?

Rose Reisman
Nutrition & Dietetics

The most natural way to lose weight is with food and exercise. Eating three meals and two snacks throughout the day keeps you from ever getting hungry which will prevent binge-eating. But there are some known foods that are better than others in the battle of the bulge:

  • Almonds help shed body fat! A handful a day is a perfect amount. They are perfect for a snack and also work well chopped and added to salads, oatmeal, and yogurt or as a garnish over any meal.
  • Pears are the perfect fruit to snack on. They are rich in fiber with about 15% of daily recommended intake per unpeeled pear which keeps you full longer preventing overeating. They are best to eat before a meal as a snack to help curb hunger.
  • Chocolate: Dark chocolate is an excellent source of antioxidants and helps prevent fat cell accumulation, which in the long run helps to prevent heart disease and obesity.
  • Grapefruit regulates our fat-storage hormone; insulin. Half of a grapefruit before a meal may help lose weight (up to one pound a week). Enjoy it for breakfast, snack or add to salads.


Kathy Freston
Nutrition & Dietetics
This simple, all-natural plan doesn’t rely on diet pills or extremes and will help shift your mind and body into weight-loss mode. You’ll become healthier, inside and out, in just four weeks! The full 30-day plan and over 40 recipes (by Dayna McLeod) are in my book, The Lean: A Revolutionary (and Simple!) 30-Day Plan for Healthy, Lasting Weight Loss!

Week 1: The Morning Metabolism Makeover
A breakfast brown rice bowl will help kick-start your metabolism. The complex carbs give you a slow, steady release of glucose that powers your body for hours. Brown rice is high in fiber, which will keep you full. Also, be sure to drink lots of water. Starting your day with at least 8 ounces keeps you hydrated, which helps metabolism function.

Brown Rice Breakfast Bowl
2 cups cooked brown rice
1 date, chopped
Handful of raw almonds
1 tsp agave nectar
1 cup unsweetened soy or hemp milk

Mix all ingredients together, except the milk. Pour the milk over the rice bowl.

Week 2: Give Yourself Superpowers
Get your daily dose of vitamins, especially iron, instrumental in the production of energy through metabolizing food. Make sure you take a daily organic multivitamin.

Go for a daily power walk. Even if you start with just 10 minutes a day, the goal is to work up to 150 minutes of brisk walking per week. By Week 3, you should feel lighter and more energetic.

Week 3: Swap Out Sugar
Start this week by replacing your usual sugary treats with fruit-based treats made with all-natural sugar substitutes. Make sugar swaps with your daily coffee or tea. Instead of artificial sweeteners, try one of these natural alternatives:
  • Agave: A distilled sweetener derived from the blue agave cactus with a low glycemic index.
  • Stevia: A low-calorie sweetener that comes from a plant native to Paraguay and Brazil that's 200 times sweeter than table sugar. A little goes a long way.
Week 4: Go Vegan Once a Day
Choose one meal each day where you eliminate animal products, including eggs and dairy. This may be tough, but it’s a rewarding strategy, especially for those trying to lose weight. Meat is a concentrated source of calories and fat. Even lean cuts contain a lot of fat: 20% of lean meat calories are from fat, 29% of which is saturated. Also, meat has no fiber, an essential part of weight loss because it helps keep you satiated between meals. Eat high-quality plant-based proteins like beans, lentils, tempeh (made from soy), and seitan (made from wheat) during your meatless meals.

Have you ever noticed that every time you “diet” the weight always seems to come back?  That is because people don’t learn how to live with food and exercise.  It’s time to stop the yo-yo dieting and get to real life fitness.  To make this simple, you need to eat less and move more - you need to put less in your mouth and get off your butt!  That is the most natural way to lose weight.  Everyone knows that eating a whole pizza is not good for you and eating ice cream by the ½ gallon is a problem.  Before you start making drastic changes you won’t be able to live with long-term, first, just make better calorie choices, then start counting your calories by reading labels.  Once you learn about how many calories are in the foods you naturally eat, you can adjust accordingly.  Also, be sure to watch your portions – a portion size, generally, will fit into the palm of your hand – just a side note, you might have to throw all the plates out that resemble a trough!  To lose weight women should try to eat around 1200-1500 calories and men should shoot for 2000.  Then buy a pedometer and start tracking your steps.  You should be getting in 10,000 steps per day – you can naturally increase your steps by taking the dog for a walk or going out to garden (heck you might even think about starting your own healthy garden full of veggies to fill your smaller plate).  The main idea is to get off the couch and start moving.  These few tips will make losing weight become natural and not seem like such and effort.

The most natural way to lose weight is to make sure you burn more calories than you burn.  Knowing how many calories you take in per day along with how many carbohydrates, proteins and fats is a good start.  Along with resistance training program and cardiovascular program you will see results week after week. 
To lose weight and keep it off is a two part process. A comprehensive plan that offers you reasonable nutritional alternatives to your current diet habits will reduce caloric intake and portion size, while increasing the diversity of foods eaten. In addition, you need to increase physical activity slowly over time, creating a plan that includes aerobic exercise at least 3 days a week and strength training at least 2 days a week. Your goal should be to get at least 60 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. The results of these adjustments will be slow but ultimately far-reaching, improving your appearance and your health substantially.

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