To lose weight as part of weight management, what liquids can I drink?

Marisa Moore
Nutrition & Dietetics

When trying to manage your weight (and really who isn’t?), you should focus on calorie-free hydration. Choose water, sparkling water and unsweetened tea regularly. To make these more interesting, add fresh fruit, ginger, mint and other herbs to add flavor without additional calories.

Smoothies are popular these days. If you make a smoothie, add vegetables for nutrients, fiber and to help keep the calories down. Beware of smoothie mixes and those you get from smoothie stands. They can be loaded with sugar and excess calories that can throw a wrench into your weight management plan.


Weight management is balancing energy in with energy out. This allows you to maintain your weight. Drinks are a very easy way to gets lots of energy so I encourage my clients to keep drinks with calories to an absolute minimum. Water, diet soda, etc. and save the drinking calories for things like non-fat milk and maybe an occasional glass of red wine. When you eat your calories it is far easier to maintain your weight than when you add all of the extra calories from drinking. There of course is nothing wrong with the occasional glass of fresh squeezed orange juice just be aware of the calories. Have a great day.



Water is a perfect choice for a beverage because it is calorie free. Beverages that contain caffeine, sugar, and alcohol should be avoided. Diet sodas are also correlated with weight gain and are not a good choice. There are some beverages that have been shown to decrease your hunger and help you eat less. Drinking tomato-based vegetable juices as a snack or before your next meal will help you feel less hungry and eat less. In addition, drinking skim or 1% milk will provide much needed nutrients as well as protein which has a satisfying effect on hunger.

To lose weight as part of weight management, you can drink a variety of liquids. Drink eight (8-ounce) cups of water every day. Follow your healthcare provider's advice if you must limit the amount of liquid you drink. Make sure that you have water and other low-calorie liquids available all the time. Limit fruit juices to one or two small glasses per day because they are high in calories, and limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Alcoholic drinks have extra calories and can make you hungrier than you would have been without them.

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