Is there an easy way to lose weight?

Unfortunately there is no quick and easy way to lose weight, take off excess body fat, and keep it off for good. Weight loss and weight management are successfully achieved by making a lifetime commitment to physical activity and healthy food choices. Achieving weight loss requires people to create a daily caloric deficit by decrease their caloric intake, becoming physically active on a regular basis, and implementing strategies to modify unhealthy lifestyle and eating behaviors.

Dr. Andrea Pennington, MD
Integrative Medicine
The quality of the food, our physical activity, our hormones and even our environments influence our weight success to such a degree that although the weight loss equation is "simple", it is not easy. When we focus our attention on our goal for health and vitality while consciously eliminating the things that hinder our progress (including people and places!) we activate a certain survival drive. We actually experience a boost in energy, a boost in confidence and a boost in morale.

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