How do I lose a lot of weight?


You need to eat less than your metabolic rate on a daily basis for an extended period of time. The longer the period of time the more weight you will lose. To determine your metabolic rate enlist the help of a certified personal trainer, a nutritionist, a registered dietician, or your doctor. They will help you cut your calories just enough on a daily basis to consistently lose about a pound a week. Multiply the pound a week by how many pounds you would like to lose and there is your timeline.

You first have to get in your head that it took years for the weight to creep on and it will take a little time for it to creep off. You've probably been bogged down with work, family, and other life obstacles. But think back when you were in your early adulthood or childhood; you made time for everything and at the top of your list were fun activities the kept you moving. You can immediately start reversing the process by getting active.  Run, play with kids, run with pets, take your spouse dancing, and of course hit the gym a little more. Then focus on consuming less than usual along with the activity and yes, it will happen for you.

In general, to lose weight you need to eat less and move more so that you burn more calories than you take in.  However, to answer a question we must ask another question.

“How much is a lot of weight?”

If it is true that perception is reality then both questions are of a personal nature. 20lbs might be a lot of weight to lose for one person, while someone else may need to lose 100lbs.

So to best answer such a broad question I am going to offer some universal weight loss principles that you can take action on immediately.

1- Patience. You need to be patient, the weight did not come on overnight, and therefore, it will not go away overnight.

2-Consistency. Always be consistent! Do not have a day where your work out was great and you ate well and then have the next day be no workout and terrible food choices. To lose a lot of weight you need to take action every day.

3- Get the best information. If you are here on Sharecare then you have nothing to worry about. Our goal is to provide you with the best exercise, nutrition and weight loss advice.  So please let us help you.

4-Take action! Do not sit and wait for success to come to you.  Walk more, drive less, do your resistance training, get your cardio in, drink plenty of water, eat healthy meals, log all your workout and meals, use a schedule book to remain disciplined, etc. Always remember to take action every day, every time!


Losing a lot of weight can seem like a daunting task.  Keep in mind when you start that it took you a lifetime to put on the weight and it will not come off overnight.  Having said that, the first objective to a successful weight loss program is to set both long term and short term goals that are realistic.  How much weight do you want to lose?  Let’s say your goal is to lose 100 lbs.   A realistic short term goal would be a ½ - 2lb a week weight loss.  I would go with the middle ground and chose a weekly goal of 1lb..  At 1lb a week it would take 100 weeks to reach your goal.  During any weight loss program there are going to be times when we slip on our program or hit plateaus so let’s add 10 weeks for a long term goal of 110 weeks.  Looking at the long term goal number can be discouraging but there are some benefits for taking it steady and slow.   The key to weight loss and long term weight loss control is a change in life style.  By taking a slow approach you have a better chance of adjusting to a healthier lifestyle.  There are many fad diets, weight loss pills, etc that promise huge weight loss numbers over a short period of time.  Unfortunately these so called diets don’t address the reason you were heavy to begin with.  Most people who go on these diets will lose weight for awhile but end up putting it back on and in a lot of cases actually put on more weight then they had to start with.  By taking the slow and steady approach your new healthier diet with an exercise program becomes your new life style.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
Losing a lot of weight is the best thing you can do for the body. In this video, Dr. Oz shows one woman's journey in losing 100 pounds. 

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