How should I choose the best diet and exercise plan for me?

Brooke Randolph
Marriage & Family Therapy
You are more likely to be successful if you choose the diet and exercise plan that works best for you and in your life. Often that may not be the "best" plan. Just like I believe lifestyle-changing New Year's resolutions have a very high failure rate, I would not encourage you to take on a fitness routine that seems torturous to you. Presenting raw cauliflower to someone that has never eaten vegetables does not seem like a path to success either, does it?

I have had several requests and offers for a running partner, but one of the things I love about running is escaping into my own world away from email, phone calls, Twitter, etc. I relish being alone with my thoughts. Others really need the accountability of a workout partner and find they can each achieve more by challenging each other. Some people enjoy the challenge of learning something new and like taking fitness classes. Others choose fitness classes because it helps with scheduling.

Take a look at your life, your personality, what you want from your workout, what will encourage you to follow through, and what will discourage compliance. You may need an intense workout or may find yoga to be more soothing. You may want to be alone, with a friend, or with a group of strangers. You may work out better in the evenings than the mornings. Do what works for you!

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