Why do people get frustrated with conventional weight loss programs?

People get frustrated with conventional weight loss programs because in many cases they put unrealistic caloric restrictions on their participants and marry this to unrealistic expectations. Your body has a base metabolic rate. This is the amount of calories that you need everyday to meet all of your physical needs. Overeating is simply a habit, but one that is ingrained into almost all parts of our daily life. The meal sizes have increased and the amount of movement has decreased. We must learn some things to live a relatively fit life. The key though is learn and learning requires first exposure to information, then the learning of this information and then the practice of implementing this newly discovered information.

In a nutshell we have to learn to reduce our food intake to a level that is roughly 500 calories per day less than what we need or a 20% reduction from our base metabolic rate. Whichever is larger. This will produce a weight loss on average of one pound per week or 50 pounds per year. More if the caloric deficit is higher than the given 500. The great news is by learning weight loss in this fashion you discover over time how to reduce your caloric intake with real food. You also learn how much food is roughly what you need and the types of food that allow you to enjoy life, eat healthy and still hit your caloric goals. Weight loss is a life relearning process not a quick extreme diet solution.

People get frustrated with conventional weight loss programs because they want results now, so they look for anything that will give them the quick results regardless if it is safe or not.  You need to get a full understanding of the damage done by poor food choices and the the process it takes to repair that damage with basic, whole food nutrition.  We are in a "right now" society and if anything takes longer than what we are willing to wait for, people will throw up their hands and give up and say it does not work.  There is nothing more sound than the basic, whole food nutrition program and it does work, we just have to be patient, after all, it took more than a week to get in your situation, it is going to take more than a week to fix it.

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