As a Sharecare Transformer, how do you use a food diary to lose weight?

I think keep track of every morsel of food is extremely important, every bit adds up! I love sites such as My Fitness Pal to track what I am eating. Since I keep track of calories, carbs, fiber and sodium, I like that you can adjust your settings to fit your needs. I enjoy high protein, low carb diets so I can adjust the numbers to fit my program!

What has been successful for me has been to plan all my meals out in the morning, not as I go along. That way I know exactly how to plan my meals and snacks for the entire day. I also plan my workouts! This helps not only keep me on track but also keep me motivated!

When I started Weight Watchers I would mindlessly graze on food all day and I had no idea how much food I was consuming because I never took the time to really enjoy the food. Once I started journaling what I was eating it made me aware of what (and how much) I was eating. When I look at it now it reminds me that I am not necessarily hungry (because I've eaten enough things to be satisified) but maybe dealing with other issues so it makes me stop to think about why I want to reach for something to eat.

The food journal also keeps me on track with the daily nutritional requirements. It reminds me how many fruits/vegetable servings I've had throughout the day and what I still need to eat to make sure that my day is well rounded. I think that food journaling (even after 2 years) has been a tremendous asset to control portions. When I look at the portion size vs. the PointsPlus value of an item I can decide if I really want that or not. If I wasn't journaling those things I wouldn't even think about that.

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