What prenatal care do I need during week 6 of pregnancy?


By six weeks, the woman has missed a period and it is time for the first prenatal visit. The first appointment with the healthcare provider is a long and busy one. The first prenatal visit includes a complete physical examination and a thorough medical and family history as well as a variety of blood and urine tests. All of this is done to assess the health of the woman and to identify any healthcare issues that may impact the pregnancy. The first prenatal visit also includes a conversation with the healthcare provider about healthy habits during pregnancy and what to expect during the next 9 months. During this conversation that woman should have the opportunity to ask questions about her self care, genetic testing, or other concerns she may have about being pregnant.

During week 6, you should already be taking steps toward a healthier lifestyle to keep you and your baby healthy. You should be taking a prenatal vitamin that contains sufficient folic acid, calcium, and iron. Also, eat a nutritious diet and get plenty of exercise. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco. You won't need to see your doctor quite yet, but you should have your first prenatal appointment scheduled by now.

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