What is a good to-do list during the 40 weeks of my pregnancy?

Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD
Cardiology (Cardiovascular Disease)
This schedule will help you stay organized: Here's what you need to do on week number…

5 – Call your doctor and schedule your first prenatal visit for between weeks 7 and 12. Stop smoking and discontinue all alcohol use.

6 – Schedule a dental check up. Keep a pregnancy diary to chart aches, discomforts, and pains.

7 – If you haven't already, start taking DHA. Practice some daily meditation. Mood swings are common now.

10 – The diagnostic test CVS, which can detect genetic abnormalities, is performed between now and 12.

12 – Shopped for maternity clothes yet? Assign him more chores

14 – Drink more water to avoid constipation. You should be walking every day. Confirm your next prenatal visit for between weeks 16 and 20. Ask about your ultrasound and glucose challenge test.

16 – Start a baby journal.

17 –Your cravings are surging, so he's going to need to be on standby at 2:30 a.m.

18 – Are you eating five or six small meals?

19 – Your libido is increasing. Are you doing Kegel exercises?

20 – The 20-ultrasound! Do you want to know boy or girl?

22 – Start looking into local birthing classes and schedule one for you and your partner.Ideal time: Right around 25-27 weeks. Get feedback from friends and register early.

23 – Confirm your next prenatal visit for between weeks 24 and 28.

24 – Still doing those Kegels?

26 – Start asking about pediatricians and, if necessary, child-care providers.

29 – Try a prenatal yoga class – it's a great way to meet other moms-to-be.

32 – Baby's room all ready?

33 – Visit a baby store and register for items. Tour the hospital where you're going to deliver, or make an appointment with a midwife to come to your home.

34 – Make sure all doctor appointments are scheduled. You'll have one every two weeks from weeks 36 on out. Your Group B Strep test will also be around 36.

36 – Picked names yet? Get your partner going on making some meals and freezing them.

37 – Pack your hospital bag.

39 – Take 10 – and breathe. Practice your relaxation techniques.

40 – Baby hasn't come yet? Time to start talking about induction.

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