What prenatal care do I need during week 39 of pregnancy?


It is time for the final count down. The baby’s due date is still a week away…but it could happen at any time. The pregnancy is considered full term at 39 weeks. Eating small frequent meals, keeping well hydrated and getting rest are necessary to build up energy stores for labor. There will be a visit to the healthcare provider to check the cervix for signs of effacement and dilatation. The woman needs to know what signs warrant a call to the healthcare provider and plans for transportation to the birth facility need to be in place.

You are now going to the doctor every week. At the exam, your doctor will measure and feel your abdomen to find out your baby's size and position. To find out if your cervix is effaced, or thinning, and ready for birth, your doctor will do an internal exam. Keep an eye on how your body changes to see when you go into labor and keep track of your baby's movements to notice a possibly dangerous decrease in action.

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