What will I look like during week 36 of my pregnancy?


At 36 weeks the woman looks very pregnant. The uterus is large causing a shift in the body's center of gravity and a lordosis or curve of the lower back. The hormones of pregnancy have loosened the pelvic ligaments resulting in the "waddling" gait of pregnancy. The women may have difficulty changing positions, getting up from chairs and picking up items from the floor all related to the enlarged uterus.

In the 36th week of your pregnancy, you may feel as if you could not get any bigger. However, the baby is still growing, and it is moving downward toward the bottom of your pelvis to prepare for birth. Because of this, your belly may move slightly away from your rib cage. This lessens some of the pressure on your diaphragm, and you may find it easier to breathe. Many women also experience general swelling due to the increased levels of estrogen the body produces in preparation for birth.

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