How is my baby growing and developing during week 35?


At 35 week the fetus is about 18-19 inches long and weighs about 5 pounds. All the organ systems are developed and beginning to function. Because of the fetus’ increased size, there may be a slight change in activity patterns as the space for fetal flips and total position changes is limited. However fetal movement still is present. The main activity for the remainder of the pregnancy is for the fetus to gain weight to provide the fat stores needed to maintain body temperature in the extra uterine environment following birth.

During the third trimester, your baby has developed most major physical aspects, and is mostly working on gaining fat. At 35 weeks, your baby now has fully developed kidneys, as well as a liver that can begin to filter waste. Because your baby has grown so big, you will experience less turbulent fetal somersaults, though your baby will still kick.

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