What prenatal care do I need during week 3 of pregnancy?


While some women claim to know the moment they become pregnant, others do not. Whether the woman knows she is pregnant or not the body is hard at work. At the beginning of the third week the fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus. The woman may experience symptoms such as bloating, tenderness of the breasts, mild cramping and even a little pinkish vaginal bleeding. To some women it seems like a smaller than normal period, to others it is the first hint that they might be pregnant.

During week 3 of pregnancy, you may not even know you're pregnant yet! Because it's so early in the pregnancy, there's really no prenatal care necessary at this point. However, if you're trying to get pregnant, you should be following good general health habits that include eating a nutritious diet, getting exercise, cutting caffeine to no more than a 12-oz. coffee a day, and avoiding alcohol and tobacco. Avoid people with chickenpox (unless you have been vaccinated or had the illness), rubella (German measles) or other infections that can cause birth defects, and cat litter or cat feces that could be contaminated with toxoplasmosis. Once you do realize you're pregnant, schedule your first prenatal visit with your doctor to find out what you should be doing to care for your developing baby.

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