Are there tests or procedures I should get during the 3rd trimester of my pregnancy?

Your doctor will determine early on if your pregnancy is high risk, which requires certain tests for abnormalities. During doctor's appointments—which you should now be having twice a month—your doctor might choose to perform an ultrasound, though an ultrasound is not necessary at this time.

At least once a day, count your baby's movements for an hour. If there is not a lot going on, your baby might just be resting so eat a snack to encourage movement. If your baby moves less than 10 times during two hours, you should contact a doctor.

Starting at week 39, you should go to the doctor for a weekly checkup. Once there, you will have an abdominal exam to determine the size and position of your baby. An internal exam will find out if your cervix is effaced, or thinning, for delivery.

If you go past week 40, your doctor will perform a biophysical profile of your baby's development and monitor the heart to see if you need your labor to be induced.

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