How will I feel during week 28 of my pregnancy?


Many women feel a mixed sense of excitement and anxiety at the realization that the baby's birth is quickly approaching. From a physical perspective the growing fetus may be the source of some pregnancy discomforts such as: Edema of the legs and feet (especially after standing for long periods), restless leg syndrome, sciatica nerve compression resulting in shooting pains in the legs, as well as increased problems with indigestion and constipation. The healthcare provider can suggest strategies to minimize some of the discomfort.

During week 28, when you enter the last trimester of pregnancy, you'll begin to realize that the time of your delivery is fast approaching! Typically, women gain between one to two pounds per week over this last trimester so you may feel that extra weight. Additionally, during this time, some women begin to experience restless leg syndrome (RLS). RLS mostly affects you while you are sleeping and feels like a restless feeling in your legs, which causes you to move around a lot. A decrease in your caffeine intake can help to eliminate RLS.

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